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Styrene-butadiene rubbers SBR

Styrene butadiene rubber is produced in the low-temperature emulsion copolymerisation process and is coagulated with the acid-synthetic coagulant system. Some types of styrene butadiene rubber contain aromatic oils. Staining or non-staining antioxidants are used for stabilisation of styrene rubber.

The styrene butadiene rubber is used for the production of tires, tire tubes, conveyor belts, shoes, cable, hose and other technical rubber products. The non-staining rubber types are used for floor coverings in light colours, bicycle tires and tubes, shoes, toys, cables, hoses and other rubber products in light, pastel colours.

The styrene butadiene rubber produced by SYNTHOS is sold under the trade name KER® and KRALEX®. KER® synthetic rubber is manufactured by the production plant SYNTHOS Dwory based in Poland. KRALEX ® synthetic rubber is manufactured by the production plant SYNTHOS Kralupy in the Czech Republic.

High - styrene rubbers HSR

High-styrene rubber KER® 1904 is standard grade of high-styrene rubber. It is produced by mixing styrene-butadiene latex and high styrene resin in appropriate proportion. It is coagulated with use of synthetic coagulant and is stabilized by a non-staining antioxidant.

High-styrene rubber KER® 1909 is an off-grade high-styrene rubber. It is stabilized with a non-staining stabilizer.

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