Our firm has over 20 years experience in the marketing of Raw Rubber material, initially operating as the exclusive agent of SAFIC ALCAN Paris (est. in 1847) for Greece. Then, in 1998, LANTZIS A ALCAN has provided Natural Rubber and Latex, as well as their synthetic versions mostly in Mediterranean countries. Since 2012, through ALCAN RUBBER UK Ltd in London, we provide Raw Rubber material to customers in Western and Central Europe.

We provide first-class commercial services in helping our customers choose the right material that ensures high-quality product and superior performance. Our firm’s cooperative and trustworthy role has been proven through our long standing presence in the industry of tires, adhesives, gloves, balloons, mattresses, carpets and other related rubber goods. Our rubber and latex are directly imported by reliable and well-known producers in South-West Africa and Asia. In cooperation with associates in European ports we deliver according to our customers’ most convenient INCO terms.

We strive to gauge, satisfy and assure our customers’ requirements for consistent product quality through our extensive knowledge and experience in evaluating our clients’ needs, the producers’ capacities for meeting those needs, and forecasting the trends in international markets.

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